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What Is goTXK?

goTXK is designed to be the go-to source for naming, claiming, and celebrating what’s to love about Texarkana USA! We are a community of excellence with people and assets that exceed so many other communities our size, and we are ready to sing those praises and feel the pride. We offer a weekly lift through our newsletter, with good news and great ideas, featuring a T-Town top 10 things to do each week, hot tips on totally T-Town best eats, fascinating facts, people with purpose, and more. Subscribe for direct delivery!

Celebrate the Superlatives

What is the power of self-identity? What if all citizens of this area knew this about ourselves, were taught it – and celebrated it? Who are we, Texarkana USA? We are one-of-a-kind  with an authentic potential for excellence which is second to none. We are a unique community—one with a creative heritage that is second to none—and a creative spirit of ingenuity and excellence that has been the community’s  authentic hallmark throughout its 130-year history.  Check out the superlatives Texarkana claims, spanning education, the arts, government, business, industry, and more!

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We believe that the more of us who are celebrating our community’s assets, the more who will serve it, invest in it, and be attracted by it! Show your support by subscribing to the weekly What’s to Love TXK newsletter, which delivers all of our great new blog content straight to your inbox each Monday. Then, use the hashtag #goTXK to share your #goTXK moments with the world! Scroll down and view our social feed to see how others are joining in on the #goTXK movement.

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