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Stepping Up to Lead the Way: Texarkanians

Here’s to all Texarkanians who are stepping up and leading the way to turn around our region’s concerning economic reality by wearing masks.  Texarkanians want this virus to go away, but for something to change, someone(s) somewhere have to do something different. We all want different results!  If we want a new reality, we’ll need to be the change we want to see.  “If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always gotten.”  

Our leaders are challenging all Americans to be part of winning the battle: Texas Governor Greg Abbott said as he recently mandated masks in public, “Anyone who thinks Covid 19 is not dangerous – the numbers are glaring warning signs that this IS dangerous, but everybody has the capability of making sure they do not get covid 19.”  Or from a Florida mayor on battling the virus: “There’s nothing more American than making a sacrifice… to keep a family member safe or a neighbor safe or a stranger safe.”  Or from a doctor, asking aloud what his WWII veteran father might have said to each American about their opportunity to help win this battle by the sacrifice of simply wearing a mask, relative to the sacrifice asked of soldiers, or in this case, first responders and essential workers serving us all on the front line in this battle.   

Albert Schweitzer’s wisdom applies: For humans, example is not a minor thing; it is the only thing.   So – here’s to everyone who wears a mask… you are leading the way!
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