Since March 16, 2020, the Texarkana Educator has adjusted routines, procedures, and delivery to accommodate unprecedented times and obstacles. Texarkana Educators are literally teaching in a pandemic. Every. Single. Day. they show up and get it done. Masks, sanitizer, screenings, zoom calls, google classrooms, regular phone calls, dropping off assignments for students quarantined, you name it they’re doing it. Texarkana Educators are second to none. This past October, USA Today reported 3 million students are still unenrolled. With so many schools closed, it’s easy to see a correlation. Your kid’s teachers have shown up, and made a bad situation work since day one in August, Texarkana Educators have kept our schools running. What’s to love? YOUR KID’S TEACHERS. This space usually highlights an individual, but this group can often be overlooked. So, take a moment and send an email or write a card of gratitude. We owe them a “thank you” and our appreciation.


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